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Nifco's Strength

Nifco's Strength

Nifco's Strength


Right in front of us. And on the other side of the world.

Nifco generates ideas and cultivates technology to turn your expectations into excitement.

Nifco's History

Nifco was founded in 1967 in order to manufacture and sell plastic fasteners for industrial purposes.
The current name NIFCO is the acronym of the original company name, "Nippon Industrial Fastener Corporation".

Plastic fasteners are for connecting, building, and tying. Nifco delivered light, non-rusting, easy-to-handle products to Japanese industries.
Our plastic fasteners contributed greatly towards power saving and cost saving in manufacturing processes, and they started to be deployed in automobiles as the automotive industry grew.
Today, Nifco has the largest market share in the Japanese automotive industry.

Nifco's success extended beyond plastic fasteners.
Nifco was the first in the world to develop a mini-damper, going on to released one product after another to demonstrate our unique ideas, such as the push latch that spread the concept of "push-open" all over the world, parts for fuel tanks to comply with environmental regulations, and engine transmission products that call for highly advanced design capabilities.
The innovations developed by Nifco engineers worldwide have been transformed into new technologies that have been integrated into our automobiles and every aspect of our lives.


NIFCO is the acronym of the original company name
Nippon Industrial Fastener Corporation)

Initial company profile and catalogue


Nifco's Creativity

Nifco's strongest point is its creativity in satisfying the needs of customers, regardless of their industry.
Since its foundation, Nifco has always endeavored to offer solutions for customers' issues.

For example, mini-dampers that control movement and give a luxurious feel were initially developed for consumer electronics. Nifco introduced these parts in cup holders in vehicles to achieve a comfortable feel.

Nifco creates products with high added value, and then connects values together to create further values.
This is what Nifco has always done, offering its original products to provide solutions for customers' requirements and issues.
Currently we hold over 3,600 intellectual property rights, and every car produced in Japan contains more than 700 Nifco products.
Nifco strives to exceed customer expectations, and this is the driving force behind our creativity.

Nifco's Quality

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for higher quality Nifco begins the analysis of its products from multiple aspects in the early design phase. Nifco also proactively establishes function-assessment facilities for its products. Automating mass production has enabled Nifco to continuously supply high-quality products.
This reliable quality opened the door to the international market. Nifco's customers are all over the world, in not just the automotive industry, but also the household equipment, consumer electronics, fashion, and sport industries. 
We endeavor to expand our activities into new business areas.

Nifco's Global Presence

Customers' needs can be anywhere in the world.
Nifco entered the global market in 1983. Nifco's global development started in Taiwan, and expanded into North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to in developing countries, Nifco has been reinforcing branches in European areas in recent years to expand its market share.
Nifco will collaborate with group companies worldwide to further expand into the global market, and implement a system to consistently deliver the most optimal solutions to our customers.

Nifco's Future

Nifco's history as a creative company all started with a little plastic fastener.
While preserving the spirit of our forbearers, we have taken a step forward to the next new stage.
We have reorganized technical branches in Japan into two (east and west) in order to facilitate even more sophisticated technical development.
The driving force of our development is the Nifco Technology Development Center (NTEC). NTEC was completed in 2013 to be the technological core of the company.
We are engaged in initiatives to create an optimized environment for people and facilities to work in harmony, implement new technologies, and explore unknown territories.
Our products will connect you and our aspirations to the future.
2018 marked the 51st anniversary since the establishment of our company. On this occasion, we formulated new corporate philosophy, new corporate logo and slogan.
Our corporate philosophy are a reflection of our hopes, convictions, and new resolutions for the future.
The logo is the visual cornerstone of Nifco’s identity. 
The slogan is Nifco’s promise to our stakeholders.

In line with these, we will collectively undertake efforts to change our way of thinking in order to drive sustainable growth and advancement for the next 50 years.


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