On the occasion of the 51st anniversary of the company's entrepreneurship in 2018, in order to achieve sustainable development, the company has formulated a new corporate philosophy.
Having a belief that supports the journey of Li Fugao and has been passed down through generations;
There is also a determination to support Lifugao to continue moving forward and explore the future.

Lifugao's corporate philosophy


Mission ~Social mission and significance of existence~
Lifugao is a creative enterprise that rewards social expectations with innovation and technology.

Vision ~The goal of striving to achieve a mission~
Create change and explore the future.

Values ~Language symbolizing the unique characteristics of wealth and uniqueness~
-This is Nifco-
Be proactive and break through

[Aim high and strive for breakthroughs]
Communicate and collaborate
[Open communication and unity]
Challenge and innovate
We use corporate philosophy as the driving force for our daily work and support all employees to work together to implement awareness reform.
The future prosperity is high, and we will definitely live up to our expectations.