Environmental protection
Lifugao Group has always been committed to developing a more prosperous, rich, happy and convenient society.
As one of the links, we strive to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and protect the environment.


Management idea

Lifugao Group is committed to social development and strives to become an excellent multinational group that provides creative products that meet customer needs while protecting the global natural environment.

Basic Environmental Policy

We recognize that global environmental protection is one of the most important issues facing all humanity, and will be committed to environmental protection in all aspects of our business activities.
We maintain and improve our own systems to reduce the environmental impact of all business activities related to the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of various engineering plastic products.

Action Guide

1. Comply with laws, regulations, and agreements related to the environment, and strive to protect the environment.
2. Develop and implement environmental goals, regularly review them, and strive to continuously improve the system to prevent pollution.
3. Strive to reduce the amount of waste plastic and general waste generated in all activities of design, development, manufacturing, and sales.
4. Strive to save resources and energy.
5. Thoroughly manage the chemical substances contained in the product.
6. Enhance the environmental awareness of all employees and participate in social activities as part of the local community.
7. In order to better implement and maintain this basic environmental policy, document it and communicate it to all employees.